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Success Stories

Case 1: Child with Academic Difficulties

D. S, a 6 years old male child studying in Sr. KG at English medium school came with his parents to the center. He was presented with complaints of problem in writing letters and alphabets, problems in recalling numbers and alphabets. He was assessed for IQ and learning difficulties and we found that he had Impairment in the areas of color recognition, visual discrimination, gross motor co-ordination, directional skills, fine motor skills, numerals recognition, number comprehension, recognition and writing of lower case and upper case alphabets.

We carried out these interventions with him:

  • Tasks for improving attention
  • Tasks for improving working memory
  • Tasks for learning problems
  • Tasks for building confidence

All these activities were timed and carried out in a positive atmosphere with the psychologist.

With our help, it was seen that in a span of 3 months,

  • DS could write A to Z without any error
  • He could recognize, count and write digits
  • He became a confident and happy child.
  • Positive comments from school and home started pouring in.

Case 2: Adult with Anxiety and severe Anger issues

J is a 26 years old female having severe anger problems and anxiety. She was presented with complaints of destructive anger episodes, crying spells, low frustration tolerance, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.

We carried out these assessments with her:

  • STAIC/BDI to know her anxiety/depression level, TAT for her personality evaluation and to know her view of world. Her assessment findings showed she had severe depression and anxiety. Her conflicts and self-concept on TAT gave a picture of her anger inducing incidents.
  • A psychotherapy based on CBT was conducted with her over 13-16 sessions. She was healthy enough to function peacefully, take decisions and her anxiety and depression was reduced by 95%.

Case 3: A Teenager with Eating disorder

Z is 16 year old girl, studying in class XI at an English medium school came with her parents. She felt her body was fat and disproportionate and she felt she was ugly because of it. She would also forcefully vomit whatever she ate. She had low self-confidence and had attempted suicide twice. She was referred by a psychiatrist because she was not able to benefit from his treatment.

We aimed to change her faulty thinking pattern related to food and regulating her diet using relaxation training and Cognitive Behavioral therapy (Exposure and Response prevention)


  • She was explained the importance of a proper diet full of nutrients.
  • She was explained the dangers and myths related to chronic vomiting and the importance of regular eating etc.

Very soon, in a span of 8-10 sittings

  • Z appeared more relaxed and happy
  • Had stopped vomiting
  • Agreed to eat more wholesome low fat meals at regular intervals
  • Was more confident
  • Could express her wish to change her stream of study
  • She maintained improvement on follow up

Case 4: Adult male with panic Attacks

R.B., a 42 year old man, working as a diamond polisher came with his relatives to the center. He reported that he had problems of chest pain, felt that he was going to have a heart attack, felt restless had multiple physical complaints and had a low mood. The problems worried him so much that he quit his job and profession of 24 years from diamond trade to textile. Even in this he avoided work and rarely went out of the house.

Medical investigations revealed no significant physical problems that could account for the symptoms

Through psychological assessment, it was found that he had mild depression, strong anxiety and some adjustment problems.

We used CBT and relaxation techniques with him for 10 sessions and found the following changes:

  • RB no longer had panic attacks
  • His mood lifted significantly
  • He felt confident and took on an active pace at works
  • He could leave his house without worry
  • He could control his negative thoughts if and when they occurred

Case 5: Adult female with postpartum depression at marital adjustment problems

B. R., 27 years old women, who had left studying during her 2nd year of college, came with her parents to the center. Her marital history revealed that she had been married before one and a half years and had recently delivered twin girls. She was reported as having problems of below average comprehension and understanding, lack of self confidence, difficulty in communicating properly, not being able to cook properly, low mood and withdrawn behavior. She had been sent back to her parents home as her spouse and in-laws were dissatisfied by her behavior and competence in managing the home.

We assessed her and found that she had borderline intellectual functions, significant depressive features and internal conflicts, as well as adjustment issues.

We used these cognitive restructuring, supportive psychotherapy and social skills training with her for 3 months with amazing results without medication.

  • Swift remission in depressive symptoms
  • Improvement in cognitive processes
  • Better speech and pro social behavior
  • Better capacity to handle stress and her responsibilities